Does your space need a fresh injection of inspiration or you just need some assistance in delivering your vision, let us guide you through the process and let's create it together with this complimentary service. Contact us.


Welcome to the Haute Bohéme Styling Studio. Need a more comprehensive intervention? Whether you are a super busy woman living life in Dubai to its fullest, you’re too busy running you own business, or you’re even a stay-at-home mum, we know that sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to decorate your own home. At Haute Bohéme, we understand you and will work with you to take away the frustration of not knowing where to start to help you to create your dream home, your sanctuary for the end of those busy days.


Are you looking for that gorgeous ambiance for when you want those quiet times to retreat and relax? We can offer you tips to transform your space into a stylish home perfect for entertaining friends or family. We offer relaxed and friendly consultation services so that your home or space reflects you and how you want to feel. We can offer feedback or just a helping hand when it comes to styling your home. Not everyone is an interior designer, but the Haute Bohéme Styling Studio is available to help you create the home you have been dreaming of whether it’s a renovation, new construction, or a bespoke designer apartment or villa, we can help you sprinkle some magic into it. Our consultants will prepare a customised solution* for you after an on-site inspection.

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*Prices will vary based on project and requirements